Crafting the User Experience

Misstep on usability and you might as well provide a direct link to your competition.

You will be judged on your site's speed, ease of use, appropriate content and look.

In the brick and mortar world, successful businesses carefully craft their customer's experience and on the web, where the competition is just a click away; this becomes even more critical.

DI firmly grounds design work in best practices in usability. Our years of experience in this area are what sets us apart and what will most profoundly impact your return on investment (ROI).

Does your web site commit one or more of these common errors:
  • Confusing navigation and unexpected behaviors
  • Slow load and response times
  • Hard to find or no contact information
  • Forcing users to drill through many levels to get what they want
  • Information not presented in a web readable format
  • Bleeding-edge technology that roadblocks users
  • Design that isn't targeted to your market
  • Amateurish layout and graphics
If you answered yes, to one or more of the above, your site is overdue for a redesign.

Building a web site is more than having a copy of FrontPage or creating pretty pictures. It requires a unique blend of education in usability principles, an understanding of marketing and branding, and an ability to choose what elements will work for a given market. The DI team brings all that and more to developing your projects.

Please contact us for more information. It could make the difference between a successful web site and one that promotes your competition.

On July 25th, DynamicImages Interactive principals Les Crowley and Sandra Stokey, spoke at the Carnegie Business Library noon luncheon series. The presentation was centered around usability and user experience.

Click here for the article that TechyVent Pittsburgh did on the event.

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