Features / Options

  • Manage and move content sitewide
  • Release or hide content
  • Real time text editing using an embedded Rich Text Editor.
  • Upload text documents and images
  • Resize images and create thumbnails automatically
  • Share content between public and private sites
  • Dynamic site navigation menu (add, edit or hide complete sections of web site)
  • User and group level administration
  • Copy and paste from a MS Word document

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DynamicCMS™ - Content Management System

DynamicImages Interactive develops and deploys DynamicCMS™ a web site management solution designed to meet the unique needs of government organizations and businesses.

DynamicCMS™ empowers non-technical users with the ability to create, edit, and publish their own web sites. Effectively giving you the ability to take back control of your site!™

Each system is custom developed to meet the needs of the client. Simply tell us the options you need, and we'll build your CMS to your specifications.

DynamicCMS™ includes a flexible approval workflow so controlling content and maintaining ADA compliance and consistency is easy to accomplish. Most importantly, this solution will not cost you an additional dime as you scale your organization up. DynamicCMS™ is hosted by YOU, on your hosting space.

To quote our clients...

"This is really powerful. I've been using it for months and I'm still amazed at all I can do. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to publish their own content"

"I use to have to call my web designer when I wanted to post or change a press release and prayed she was available... No more. Now when I want to post a new pr all I have to do is copy it from Microsoft Word and paste it into a form in my web browser. Click on the add button and my release is live on our site right now. I love it. Thank you for making my job easier!!!"

Need a web site management solution that can grow with your company?

Take back control of your site!™ Contact us today for complete information and pricing on this or any of our Dynamic Products.

Call us today 904.347.8367 or 724.513.9198 and we'll customize this solution to meet your needs.
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