Features / Options

  • Uploaded images are automatically resized
  • Automatic generation of thumbnail images
  • Add / change vehicle photos
  • HTML email confirmation emailed to seller
  • Shopping cart to allow for listing payment
  • Member area to manage online postings
  • Save favorites
  • Powerful dynamic search features
  • Zip code proximity searches
  • Unlimited vehicle postings
  • No ongoing charges
  • Many more features

Related Products

  • Shopping cart system that incorporates ecommerce options into your website giving you an income stream from your website.
  • Flash based online image gallery system, allowing you to display your photos and at the same time protecting them from being taken without your permission.

Developed specifically for the auto industry where auto dealerships or individuals can place their inventory online.

The feature set for this product is huge! Specifically tailored for auto dealerships - large or small.

    Postings are emailed and the email looks just like your website. Example of an actual email shown at the right.

    Easy to use interface with user friendly and intuitive design.

    Contact us today to discuss how this product can help your business and create a new marketing tool for you.

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