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Information - Not graphics 

The best web sites are designed with a clear purpose in mind - and the format of a well-designed Web site follows directly from its intended function. Because function is key, the first (and most important) step in designing a Web site is to think through its purpose -- the why of the site. The what and the how can be discerned from the why.

At first the world wide web was a novelty, not a part of marketing initiative. It was kinda cool to see all those graphic heavy pages come up in the web browser. Things have changed... When people surf the web today, they're looking for specific information. Whether that information is service or product related – you must present it in a clear, concise and easy to navigate format. Graphics and colors are secondary to information and the only purpose for them is support and enhancement of content.

While Flash is a wonderful tool, unless you have a need to present multimedia content, it is nothing more than a roadblock for visitors to your site. No one cares about a clever Flash intro screen – it's keeping them from what they really came to your site for – information. Don't roadblock your site's visitors and send them to your competition.

If visitors to your website can not quickly find what they're looking for, they will go elsewhere

By: Les Crowley
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