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Brick and Mortar Mentality 

It seems that just about everyone claims they are a designer or developer these days. So how do you choose a company to partner with for your creative services needs? Every piece of marketing collateral, business cards through web sites, need to be created with the clients branding and marketing initiatives not only in mind – but as the blueprint for the creative.

Brick and Mortar User Experience
Brick and mortar stores strategically plan the user-experience completely. From the moment you pull in to the parking lot... walk through their front doors... every step the customer takes is carefully planned. Specific products are precisely placed, not only on a specific shelve but also the exact location of the shelve itself, within the store. The color of the interior walls, in-store advertising and uniforms are all chosen for the user experience. A multiple store chain insures that every store has exactly the same look and feel. Every item in every one of the stores are in exactly the same location. This is not done by accident. Companies that do not extend that level of strategy to all their marketing collateral are diluting their brand and perhaps driving customers to their competition.

Psychology and Human Behavior
There is a psychology to how people do things and why. Brick and mortar stores exploit that psychology at every turn and do so very effectively. Men typically are in a hurry to get in and get out of a store - get what they already know they want, pay for it and leave. That is why the automotive and hunting sections of most stores are at the very back corner of stores. It forces men to shop, even if they had no intent to do so. They make men go past other items that they may need but didn't plan to buy - actually they make men go past those items twice... once going in and once going out. This is a prime example of exploiting human psychology to achieve the goals of the store - sales and profit.

DynamicImages Has The Experience
The DI team is uniquely qualified to be your creative services partner, given our broad base of experience in usability, design, human interaction, psychology, technology and marketing. We focus on delivering solutions that not just meet, but exceed your expectations and those of your customers. We design with your goals and your customer's needs in mind ensuring that you see return on your investment.

By: Les Crowley
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